Survey: Where is XSL FO used?

Inasmuch as my talk at XML-in-Practice 2009 in September is “XSL FO 2.0: A Technical Overview”, I’ll be talking about the XSL FO 2.0 Requirements document and the work towards XSL FO 2.0 done to date, but I also want to highlight what can be done with XSL 1.1 and what is being achieved today.

So I would like to know how you are using XSL FO. Please reply to

To make it a bit easier for you, here are some categories:

  • Use
  • Volume (e.g., pages per day/week/month/year/job)
  • When you started using XSL FO
  • Interesting aspects of job/output
  • Additional comments
  • Anonymous (yes/no)

I am interested in all uses of XSL FO, but if your use is particularly off-the-wall, I may come back to you asking for a sample or a scan/photo of the completed work.

I will summarise the results back to here and to the lists where I’m also asking for information.

If you want to be anonymous, I won’t mention either you or your company by name in any results.

Some version of the results may end up being linked to from the W3C XSL page: I haven’t organised anything with the XSL FO SG, but it seems like the sort of information that would be useful to have there.

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