Presentations page updated

Inasmuch as I added both my XML-in-Practice 2009 talk on XSL FO 2.0 and my XML Prague 2009 talks and posters to the “Presentations” page at, it is now up to date.

The XSL FO 2.0 talk covers: a quick overview of XSL 1.1 (by building up a formatted page in the manner of Genesis 1); the current uses for XSL; the W3C XSL FO subgroup; the XSL 2.0 requirements workshop and requirements document; and some examples of what will be possible with XSL 2.0.

The “Testing XSLT” talk from XML Prague 2009 covers more of the “what” and “why” of testing XSLT that previous renditions of the talk or tutorial. It consequently has fewer details about individual tools, but for that there’s now resource pages for XSLT and XSL FO tools on the Menteith Consulting website.

The other XML Prague 2009 talk is about Xcruciate, where I was the second speaker with Mark Howe of Cyberporte, and the posters were about XSL FO 2.0 requirements and using XSLT with xmlroff to generate C source code and other things.