Front matters, too

Inasmuch as the style guides and books on book design that list the pieces making up the front matter of a book do differ in how much wiggle room is allowed for the occurrence or even sequence of the items (unlike what I said previously), here’s three more lists, plus each book’s words about how fixed or flexible the list really is. Continue reading “Front matters, too”

Another hour upon the stage

Inasmuch as this site has been hacked then consequently disabled multiple times over the last two years, I’ve finally done something about it so that, hopefully, the site can now stay up.

I have managed to lose the graphics, the encoding of some of the old posts is messed up, and the default theme is downright ugly, but each of those is fixable. So join me as I strut and fret for another hour upon the stage.

VMware guest screensaver on Linux host

Inasmuch as it’s annoying when the VMware guest’s screensaver controls screen blanking only up until your mouse strays off the guest’s window and then the host’s screensaver kicks in and blanks the screen again, you can add this to /etc/vmware/config on a Linux host:

mks.fullscreen.allowScreenSaver = "yes"
mks.windowed.allowScreenSaver = "yes"
mks.x.screenSaverTimeout = 590

From Setting Linux Host Screensaver Options in the Workstation Global Configuration File, mks.fullscreen.allowScreenSaver and mks.windowed.allowScreenSaver enable the host screensaver in full screen and windowed modes, respectively, and a mks.x.screenSaverTimeout of 590 seconds sets VMware to ‘ungrab’ the keyboard and mouse shortly before the host screensaver kicks in after 10 minutes of inactivity.

No more competing screensavers, but after VMware ‘ungrabs’ the keyboard and mouse, you do need to click the mouse in the VMware guest’s window so it will ‘grab’ them again, and you can then use the guest as normal.

Dots in a @name?

Inasmuch as I’m now with Antenna House, I’ve been changing over to new usernames for Skype, etc. That seemed straightforward enough when I picked tgraham.antenna for Skype, but then I found that GitHub doesn’t allow “.” in usernames, so on GitHub, I’m tgraham-antenna. Which has left me wondering, what are the allowed non-alphabetic characters in the networks of interest? Continue reading “Dots in a @name?”