Goodbye ‘’ and ‘’

Inasmuch as I bought ‘’ and ‘’ back when I bought ‘’ but had never advertised them as alternatives to ‘,’ and since I haven’t worked as Mentea after joining Antenna House, I have let ‘’ and ‘’ lapse.

‘’ still exists, of course: mostly because I don’t know how many links to my presentations and to ‘’ pages are in email archives, etc., and I don’t want those links to break.

‘Christmas’ card 2019

Inasmuch as I’m temporarily not suited to doing much standing or walking, I went for the simplest possible design of a single graphic block at today’s Christmas Card Workshop with Mary Plunkett at the National Print Museum. The tall-but-narrow bucolic winter scene block that I was sure was available turned out to be a figment of my imagination, so I went for some Celtic knotwork and made a rather more general-purpose card:

Card with celtic knotwork design on left edge

Christmas card 2018

Inasmuch as I’m still catching up with blog posts that I would have written, here’s last year’s Christmas card from the Christmas Card workshop at the National Print Museum. ‘Nollaig Shona (D[h]uit)’ means ‘Happy Christmas (to you)’ in Irish. I’d used ‘Nollaig Shona’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ on the same card before, but this time I thought to put each in a different orientation so that only one is easily readable at any one time and the other, if you don’t pay too much attention to it, can look like decoration.

Christmas card in portrait orientation so that 'Nollaig Shona' the horizontal text.
Christmas card in landscape orientation so that 'Merry Christmas' the horizontal text.
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Front matters, too

Inasmuch as the style guides and books on book design that list the pieces making up the front matter of a book do differ in how much wiggle room is allowed for the occurrence or even sequence of the items (unlike what I said previously), here’s three more lists, plus each book’s words about how fixed or flexible the list really is. Continue reading “Front matters, too”