Christmas card 2017

Inasmuch as this blog was off-stage all that year, here’s the Christmas card that I printed at the National Print Museum in 2017. I was lucky enough that it was picked as the card that the Museum sent as their Christmas card that year.

Card front with image block of a snow-covered landscape featuring a house with a road leading up to it. Smoke is coming from the chimney of the house.
At Christmas I no more desire a rose, / Than wish snow in May's new-fangled mirth; / But like of each thing that in season grows / William Shakespeare

Printing the outside was easy, since that was just a block, but printing the inside was more work. Firstly, the first font that I tried didn’t have enough of the letters that I needed, so I had to ‘dis’ that and start again with another font. Secondly, the case for the second font had included a random selection of characters from other fonts, and they had to be fixed. I would like to say they were all found and fixed, but I think that the ‘I’ was still wrong, and, because I’d missed it completely, I ended up faking the ‘.’ after ‘grows’ by hand on each card.