Khmer pagination

Inasmuch as Khmer – more specifically, my lack of knowledge about how to best format Khmer – made up a slide in my “XSL-FO meets the Tower of Babel” talk at the MultilingualWeb workshop in Luxembourg last week, Richard Ishida directed me to his page about Khmer, from which I found Franklin Huffman’s “Cambodian System of Writing“, and in the 153-page book, I found half a page on page numbering and section numbering in Khmer. Continue reading “Khmer pagination”

Reading JIS X 4051 online

Inasmuch as the “Requirements for Japanese Text Layout” Note refers (and defers) a lot to JIS X 4051, “Formatting Rules for Japanese documents”, it is helpful to also read it (or, for some of us at least, to look at the diagrams and puzzle through some of the text). You can buy the printed book from the Japanese Standards Association Web Store, or you can view (but not print) the PDF version within your browser. Here’s how: Continue reading “Reading JIS X 4051 online”