XML Summer School 2011

Inasmuch as I was already asked to be on the Publishing track at XML Summer School 2011, I was then invited to co-teach “Developing and Testing in XSLT” with Jeni Tennison in the XSLT and XQuery track, so I’m pleased that I’ll be teaching two sessions at the XML Summer School in St Edmund Hall, Oxford University, on 18-23 September 2011. (Early bird discount ends 30 June 2011.)

My sessions are but 1/4 of their respective tracks, but I’ll be in the room for the entirety of each track and, indeed, like all Faculty at the XML Summer School, I’ll be around all week.

For the record, the Publishing session is:

XSLT and XSL FO toolbox of tips and tricks

XSLT was designed to transform XML into other formats, and its original purpose was to transform XML into the XSL FO vocabulary for formatting as pages.

Producing pages is still close to the heart of many publishers, but we also use XSLT to transform XML into other XML vocabularies, into HTML, and into other non-XML formats.

This session provides sample techniques for using XSLT and XSL FO in publishing. We encourage attendees to put forward their pain points with using XSLT and/or XSL FO, either in the session or beforehand on the LinkedIn group discussion, and we’ll add them to the mix as we look at solving the XSLT and XSL FO problems that matter most to people.

and the XSLT and XQuery session with Jeni Tennison is:

Developing and Testing in XSLT

Unit tests, profiling, debugging and, increasingly, test-driven development are part of the bread and butter of working with other programming languages but are not always so with XSLT or XQuery.

In test-driven development, which is a fundamental part of agile approaches to software development, the developers write tests that describe the desired behaviour of their application, then write code that meets the tests. This style of development keeps code focused, avoids breaking existing code and facilitates refactoring.

In this session, Jeni Tennison and Tony Graham will describe both the state of the art in testing and debugging XSLT and XQuery and how test-driven development applies to XSLT and XQuery development. In particular, they will focus on the use of the XSpec testing framework.