xml-model processing instruction with nXML mode

Inasmuch as the <?xml-model?> processing instruction (jointly developed by W3C and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34) is the new, standard way to associate schemas with XML documents and I already had code for using a similar, oXygen-specific PI, it was easy to make a hook function to put in your .emacs file so nXML mode will use <?xml-model?> to find a RNC schema:

(defun use-xml-model ()
  "Hook function for `nxml-mode' to use  PI for locating a
RNC schema."
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (if (search-forward "" nil t)
                           (match-beginning 0)))
                 (filename (save-excursion
                             (re-search-forward "href=\"\\([^\"]+\.rnc\\)\""
                                                pi-end t)
                             (match-string 1))))
;;            (message "pi-end: %d; filename: %s
;;                     pi-end filename)
            (if (and filename (file-readable-p filename))
                (rng-set-schema-file filename)))))))

(add-hook 'nxml-mode-hook