XML Prague 2011 a success

Inasmuch as the EPUB: Chapter and Verse talk went down well and, for many people, the Saturday evening libations at The Strahov Monastic Brevery went down even better, I judge XML Prague 2011 to be a success for me (and for my co-author, Mark Howe) and for Mentea and also a success in its own right.

Several people made approving comments about the talk, which was good (some even commented on last year’s talk, which, since this showed they still remembered it, was even better). The best comment about this year’s though is probably @Innovimax‘s tweet:

Tony is a real 21th century XML Monk! He sponsored the Beer Station at #xmlprague and works on nicely printing bibles. #consideringJoining

(We did discuss his becoming a monk, of any order: I had considered that the asceticism aspect might be a problem, but he considered it to be a non-normative section of the specification.)