Inasmuch as…

Inasmuch as I finally acquired the domain name, this walking shadow as now wandered over to I’d been doing a sort of reverse domain-squatting on the domain for a couple of years, checking every so often to see that no-one else had found a use for it but not taking it myself, but it would have been foolish to just watch until someone else did take it, so I did the other foolish thing and acquired it.

The previous title was from a comment by Shakespeare about the effectiveness of blogs, but this time the title comes from playing with reading a domain name. To retrofit a quotation, I’m reduced to ruining and taking out of context a well-known line from A Dictionary of Modern English Usage by H. W. Fowler:

Display of superior knowledge is as great a vulgarity as display of superior wealth – greater indeed; knowledge should tend more definitely than wealth towards discretion and good manners.