Pango 1.14.2 and Cairo 1.2.4

After upgrading to use recent bug-fix releases of Pango and Cairo, I’m now eyeballing and verifying the output of over 300 tests with differences, but so far the Pango and Cairo bug fixes don’t seem to have resulted in any fortuitous fixes for xmlroff bugs. At least the xmlroff testing module automates identifying the tests with differences so I don’t have to check the output of several hundred other tests.

xmlroff 0.3.99

xmlroff 0.3.99 is now available from This is an development snapshot that includes a new manpage in DocBook XML and a truly experimental SVG output capability. The “testing” and “testsuite” modules are also updated.

In one sense this is snapshot of xmlroff as it was when I was told that I was RIFed (funny how everything seems to come back to that these days), but it is really more a snapshot of the changes made when I had a week off work in mid-July.