Auto-refresh AHFormatter GUI from oXygen

Inasmuch as the Windows GUI for AH Formatter, AHFormatter.exe, has a -s command-line parameter for reusing an existing GUI rather than starting a new one, you can use that with an oXygen transformation scenario producing XSL-FO to make the GUI refresh whenever you run the transformation scenario.

The first step is adding AHFormatter.exe (with the -s parameter) as a FO processor in the oXygen preferences:
oXygen preferences dialog box for adding a FO processor.

  1. Open the oXygen preferences.
  2. Under “FO Processors”, if you haven’t already done so, add an “Antenna House” FO processor by following the instructions in the oXygen manual.
  3. Duplicate the existing “Antenna House” FO processor.
  4. Change AHFCmd.exe to AHFormatter.exe.
  5. Change the parameters after the path to AHFormatter.exe to “-d ${fo} -s” (without the quotes).
  6. Click OK to save the FO processor setting, then click on OK in the main preferences dialog box.

To use the new FO processor in a transformation scenario, edit the scenario and select the processor in the “FO Processing” tab:

"FO Processor" tab in oXygen "Edit Scenario" dialog box.

Before you run the scenario, make sure that a AH Formatter GUI is already running. Now, when you run the transformation scenario, oXygen will show that the transformation scenario finished:

oXygen indicates transformation finished.

and you can view the formatted result:

Formatted result in AH Formatter GUI.

If an AH Formatter GUI is not already running, the transformation scenario will launch AHFormatter.exe okay, but the scenario won’t end until that AHFormatter.exe is closed. Conversely, stopping the transformation scenario in oXygen will close the AHFormatter.exe.