Obscure Emacs variable of the week

`fancy-splash-image’ points to the image to show when Emacs starts up. I can think of only two groups who’d need this: the Emacs maintainers and the XEmacs maintainers who’d set it to their respective logos. So naturally I customized mine:

Menteith Consulting logo as Emacs splash image

Along the way, I found an interesting history of the design of the Emacs logo.

At one a week, there’s probably several years’ worth in the index of the Emacs Lisp manual, but I’m really not planning on doing this every week: this just seemed like a catchy title for a one-off post.

2 Replies to “Obscure Emacs variable of the week”

  1. You can just `customize’ it: M-x customize-variable RET fancy-splash-image RET

    Also, you can use a JPEG without converting it.

    (And I said groups who need it, not groups who’d do it for fun.)

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