Robbery Under Arms

Inasmuch as I was in primary school in Australia when I first read it as a dead-tree book, it’s something of a turn for the books as well as a turn of the books that I’ve just finished reading Robbery Under Arms by Rolf Boldrewood as an EPUB while living and working in Ireland and, now, England. I think at the time I would have found the medium even more unlikely than the geography, but as the ready availability of EPUB readers has given new life and new audiences to many out-of-copyright books, when I was first stocking up on EPUBs I specifically looked for the EPUB of Robbery Under Arms since I was unlikely to find it the dead-tree version in either an Irish library or an Irish bookstore.

“My name is Dick Marston” as the opening words of Robbery Under Arms may not have the recognition nor the ring of “Call me Ishmael” (though for a great young-adult read, Don’t Call Me Ishmael), but it is one of the great Australian novels. If you want to read the EPUB, a search for ‘”Robbery Under Arms” EPUB’ will turn up several sources.