Schematron Testing Framework poster

Inasmuch as it exists as a PDF file, you, too, can have your own copy of my “Schematron Testing Framework” (stf) poster from XML Prague 2012. I’m happy to say that I received constructive comments about stf from people at XML Prague 2012 who read the poster, and I’ll be looking at incorporating the feedback in the near future.

One suggestion, from George Bina, was to make a single “framework” file for running the tests – and including the test files in the framework file either directly or by using XInclude to refer to external test files – rather than the current decentralised approach. A single framework file would make it easier to make a report of the results, unlike the the current approach where the idea is that the only report you really want to see is “<errors/>” when there are no more errors. A single framework file could also become very large and hard to navigate when there’s lots of very similar tests in it. What do you think?