XSL-FO Meetup at XML Prague 2012

Inasmuch as XML Prague 2012 includes “Pre-conference Friday“, the W3C XML Print and Page Layout Working Group is looking to host a XSL-FO meetup before XML Prague on Friday, 10 February 2012. The format and content will depend on your feedback. Possible ideas include:

  • Update on the XSL-FO 2.0 work
  • ‘Ignite’ lightning talks on XSL-FO
  • XSL-FO tutorial

If you use Twitter, register your interest at the “XSL-FO meetup @ XML Prague 2012” page on Lanyrd.com, otherwise send me email. If you have suggestions for the format or content, likewise add something to the Lanyrd page or send me email.