Page Regions in XSL-FO

Inasmuch as I used this new sequence of images in my recent XSLT and XSL-FO talk at XML Summer School 2011, here’s an outline of page regions in XSL-FO.

The fo:simple-page-master FO in XSL 1.1 defines the dimensions of a page. A document may have more than one fo:simple-page-master, and the same fo:simple-page-master may be used in multiple contexts. A fo:simple-page-master has up to five regions: fo:region-body, fo:region-start, fo:region-end, fo:region-start, and fo:region-end.  Only fo:region-body is required.  The adjacent figure shows one arrangement of the regions. Continue reading “Page Regions in XSL-FO”