Opening EPUB in Emacs

Inasmuch as there’s not, yet, an EPUB reader for Emacs, you can still set up Emacs to be able to open .epub files to see what’s inside them, since they are, after all, just ZIP files:

(setq auto-mode-alist
 '("\\.epub$" . archive-mode))
(setq auto-coding-alist
 '("\\.epub$" . no-conversion))

Linux distro roundabout

Inasmuch as my computer had been flaky since the motherboard, the graphics card, and the OS were replaced in one go last year (and if I now replace the case and the disks, will it be my grandfather’s computer?) and as I had some time where there were no urgent deliverables and no conferences, I decided to replace the OS with a different version of Linux.  Since the computer would lock up with either the Xorg process or interrupts taking 100% of a core and nothing else able to run, I was looking for it to be a problem with the OS (free) rather than the hardware (not).

Three days, six-or-so Linux distributions, and many installs later, I’m back on the original OS but with a different X driver.  So far it’s been stable, but there had previously been times when it was stable for days on end between the times when it would crash with extreme rapidity. Continue reading “Linux distro roundabout”