Cleaning the beach is like a “Columbo” episode

Inasmuch as there’s often a lot of litter on the beach either dropped (or, worse, deliberately dumped) by people or washed up by the waves, you can often fill several bags as part of a Skerries Adopt-A-Beach cleanup, but even as you take the bags to the pick-up point you’ll see some more litter and, just like Colombo, you find yourself saying “Just one more thing…” as you nab another villain.

Menteith Consulting Ltd is Mentea

Inasmuch as many people have trouble pronouncing “Menteith”, Menteith Consulting Ltd will begin trading under the name “Mentea”.  The new logo and website aren’t ready yet, but the beginning of the year is the suitable time to make at least a low-key announcement.

“Mentea” was the most popular choice in a poll of alternative new names among some clients and contacts. Continue reading “Menteith Consulting Ltd is Mentea”