Requirements of Japanese Text Layout

The W3C Japanese Layout Task Force (JLTF) has a working draft of “Requirements of Japanese Text Layout” available at

It is an impressive body of work that the JLTF has been working on for a while.  This is the current iteration of the document for which I went to a meeting in Tokyo last September, and I went to the W3C Technical Plenary in Mandelieu this week specifically for the JLTF meeting  reviewing the working draft.

The task force is looking for feedback (to by 15 November 2008.

Impressed by Letterpress

It was interesting to learn about letterpress printing at the National Print Museum workshop by printing a letterhead based on the letterhead I produce on the computer.   I had fun; doing the 36pt “Menteith” was a doddle; the instructor, Con, was great, and very helpful when it came to letterspacing “CONSULTING”; but, boy, 8pt text takes a long time when done by hand, especially when you don’t know the layout of letters in the case. Continue reading “Impressed by Letterpress”

xmlroff 0.6.1

xmlroff 0.6.1 is at

xmlroff 0.6.1 features SVG external graphics rendered as vectors in the Cairo backend and table column order respecting writing mode.

Thanks go to lode leroy for the Cairo fix.

xmlroff is discussed on the mailing list (subscription required) and on the #xmlroff channel at