Efficiency, banking-style

A mere two months, multiple forms, one reminder to the bank manager, and a personal guarantee later, I yesterday received the credit card that I asked for when opening the bank account.

A mere day later, I received the credit card statement showing I’d been charged the annual fee for the card before I’d even received it.

A mere phone call, one warning that I was being recorded for “training porpoises”, two times on hold, and two conversations later, I now have the charge cancelled since, as a ’startup’ customer, I shouldn’t have been charged it in the first place.

Sport of any kind…

I received the Terms and Conditions for business travel insurance today. Glancing through it, I saw a large paragraph listing the excluded sports.

However, in the paragraph that started “taking part in abseiling, American football, big game hunting…” and ended “…white water rafting or white water canoeing or wrestling” was the text “sport of any kind”!!! Why not just put “sport of any kind” instead of 16 lines of names and types of sports?

Okay, I am simplifiying things. Also tucked away in that 16-line paragraph of sports is “manual work”.

It’s a good thing that reading T&Cs isn’t classified as a sport (or is it?), otherwise if I did it while travelling and injured myself by falling about laughing, I would not be covered.