XSpec, Ant, and <oXygen/>

Inasmuch as software has moved on since 2008 when I wrote about When Ant is subsidiary to <oXygen/>, I now run XSpec from <oXygen/> using the Ant bundled with recent <oXygen/>.

Bundled Ant means (almost) no extra downloads, and the recently added ${ps} editor variable for the path separator for the current platform means that a single “External Tool” definition works for both Linux and Windows (where previously I needed two definitions that differed only in using “:” or “;”). Continuing with the trick of using <oXygen/> editor variable names in the Ant build file, the command line  that I use (with line breaks added for clarity) is:

java -Dant.home="${oxygenInstallDir}/tools/ant"
-cp "${oxygenInstallDir}/tools/ant/lib/ant-launcher.jar"${ps}
-f ${pd}/tests/build-xspec.xml -Dpd=${pd} -Din=${cfne} run

The only extra download is saxon9-ant.jar, which I added to my <oXygen/> installation so I could use a Saxon-specific Ant task. You can still run Ant, but not the Saxon Ant task, from <oXygen/> if you don’t have it, and it may yet come with a future release.